The Rencong is a dagger as important to the Acehnese as the Keris is to the Javanese. According to some scholars, its shape is said to symbolize the Arab lettering of the invocation “Bismillaah”. One can accept this interpretation or not, however the Islamic symbolism is evident in the Rencong shape and decoration. As the Keris, it is believed to have a mystic power.
The Rencong is worn slipped into the folds of the sarong on the left hand side of the stomach directed to the right hand. It is part of the traditional Acehnese clothing and is still worn for ceremonies and weddings.

Its length may vary from 10 to 50 cm, its single edge blade averaging 20 cm. The shape of the blade usually slightly undulates however some Rencong have a straight blade, it is slightly hollowed along its back. The upper part of the blade has a protuberance called Duru Seuke, chiseled like the Keris greneng. The right hilt probably symbolizes a bird’s head. The wooden sheath has a very specific wide mouth with engraved with interlaced designs.


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