In earlier times in the event of war, the Dayak tribe in general use their unique weapons, the saber . Mandau is an heirloom for generations used by the Dayak tribe and diaanggap as a sacred object. Besides being used at the battle saber is also commonly used by the Dayak tribes to accompany them in performing their daily activities, such as slashing or cutting meat, herbs, or other objects that need to be cut.

Usually the layman will often confusion between saber and the threshold . Lay people or people who are not accustomed to seeing or holding the saber will be difficult to distinguish between saber with the threshold as if seen by naked eye are both almost the same. However, both are very different. But if we look in more detail it will show a very noticeable difference, ie there are carvings on the saber or the encrusted with gold, copper, or silver and saber more powerful and flexible, because the saber is made of volcanic rock that contains iron and processed by an expert. While the threshold is only made of ordinary iron, such as besu per car, chainsaw blades, discs vehicle or other iron rod.

Mandau or Threshold Birang Bitang Pono Adjunct Kajau should be stored and treated with either a special place to honor. Because of the Dayak tribe believes that the saber has a spiritual power that can protect the owner from attacks or malicious intent of his opponents. And the saber is also believed to be guarded by a woman, and if the owner of the saber is a dream to meet with women who inhabit the saber, it means that the owner will get a fortune.

Mandau in addition is made of iron and carved rock mountain, home or upstream saber (the place for holding) made ​​using buffalo horn carved to the back of his black. And use the antlers to go white. Making home can also use wood kayamihing. At the end of the home were given or placed animal fur or human hair. To be able melengkatkan a saber with a home can use wood sap landline which proved very strong kerekatannya.Setelah then tied it again with jangang , but if jangang hard to find can use uei (wicker).


Iron mantikei used for the manufacture of raw materials can be found in the region Shellfish saber Gambir, Jangkang Karo rivers, streams creeks Mantikei Samba deviation Katingan river, and villages Atei tumbles.Incomplete if the saber would not have tainted . Kumpang is called glove for saber, saber is tampat entry of tainted eyes saber usually coated antlers. In the saber was given tainted tempuser Act , which is made ​​of woven ties uei (rattan).

At the front of the tainted made a glove save langgei puai small place. Langgei puai is a kind of a small knife as a complement saber. Stem length of about 20 cm from the eye anggei, the shape is smaller than the stalk. The function of langgei puai is to smooth or clean objects, for example rattan. Gloves or tainted langgei always attached to the tainted saber. So it can be said that between saber and langgei puai is a unity that can not be separated.



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