panjat pinang

Panjat Pinang(Climbing nut),Traditional Game Of Indonesian

Panjat Pinang (Climbing nut) is one of the popular traditional race on the Indonesian Independence Daycelebration.This game is very entertaining too challenging for people who play it.

A nut trees are tall and the trunk covered by the lubricant was prepared by the race committee. At the top of the tree, put up a variety of attractive prizes. The participants competed for prizes by way of climbing trees.

Because these trees slippery (because it has been given a lubricant), the trunk climbers often falls. Sense and cooperation the participants to climb the tree trunk is what usually managed to overcome the slippery tree trunks, and the attractions of interest to the audience.

History :

Climbing nut comes from the Dutch colonial era first. climbing competitions held by the Dutch nut if you're holding a big event like a celebration, weddings, and other follow-lain.yang this race are the indigenous people. Contested prize usually foodstuffs such as cheese, sugar, and garments such as shirts, knowing as among native goods like this, including luxurious. while native people struggled to compete for prizes, the Dutch people watching, laughing. ordinances of this game has not changed since the first.

You can imagine the conditions in the colonial period, while Indonesian citizens struggling with sweat soaked, the Dutch invaders and their families laughed out loud seeing the suffering nation of Indonesia. And maybe now, when the celebration of August 17, they still laughed out loud, watching that the culture they create for the purpose of harassing the Indonesian Nation, proved to be the preserve.

And while this form of the game is still survived until now, there are parties who do not mind the history of this game, but some are not agree with this culture. If history is so painful why climb the areca nut must be preserved.

This game raises the pros and cons between the people of Indonesia. one partybelieves that this race should be stopped because it is considered injured human values​​. While others think there are noble values ​​in this race such as: work hard, never give up,work group / mutual aid.