Gasing, or top spinning, is a traditional game popular among Indonesians in the olden days. Gasing game came to Japan through China but apparently the origin of this game is from Indonesia. Both made of Bamboo.



This game is normally played by boys. The gangsing is a top made from bamboo with a small opening on the side. This small hole makes the top whistle very distinctively as it spins. The size of the hole determines the pitch of the whistle. String is wound around the dowel that goes through the center of the gangsing . The child then holds onto the flat bamboo handle that is tied to the end of the string and pulls this handle to set the gangsing spinning. Normally a circle is drawn on the ground about 50 cm. in diameter. Two children play against each other. The object of the game is to try and knock your opponents gangsing out of the designated circle. Gangsing are commonly sold outside the temples and tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, Central Java

Both adults and children can play the game. The object of the game is to keep the top spinning for as long as possible.

There is no fixed number of players and the game can be played either in teams or individually. A circle is first drawn on the ground marking the circumference within which the top is to spin. A player holds the top in his hand and grips the loose end of the string between the fingers and throws the top in the circle while at the same time pulls the string backwards which sends the top into a spinning action.

The one who’s top spins the longest and within the specified circle becomes the winner. Once the top spins out of the circle the player loses the game.

Another variation of the game is called the striking match, whereby the player tries to knock his opponents’ top out of the circle with his own.

The gasing or top is usually made of wood or hard fruits. It comes with a string, which is tightly wound round†a nail at the base of the top. They come in different shapes of tops. Different area has different shape of Gasing as pictured.