Nasi Krawu


n addition to snack pudak (a type of porridge snack) wrapped in palm leaves,), Kabupaten Gresik, East Java, also known by its distinctive food called nasi krawu.Similarly pudak, krawu rice being sold in the corners of the city of Gresik.

The lovers and enthusiasts of rice krawu will have no trouble getting special food that is served with the banana leaf packet.Unlike the existing pudak peak sales periods, krawu rice almost every day can search.In addition to typical rasannya and not boring, rice krawu also able membuar addicted audience enjoys a distinctive spicy sauces.

Rice krawu contains a mixture of rice and beef with the included high oil content.Krawu derived from the word "krawukan" which means taking rice or a side dish with your fingers straight, without a spoon or other tool.However, not a few who call when designation krawu because there camburan serundheng made with chilli.Uniquely, the rice seller krawu average from Madura."Called krawu rice, because there are red srundheng called krawu," said Reni, 35, guards Krawu Mrs. Rice Depot Timan Maduranya thick accent.

Rice krawu Langgi Gresik similar to rice, a typical city of Solo as dominated by elements of meat.Even the main dish is meat and rice krawu plus types of beef or in part in the know called 'jerohan', Empal and cowhide and combined sauce stew.Served on banana leaves, eaten with rice krawu shredded beef-suwir, jerohan with concentrated spicy sambal paste, chili sauce mixed with grated coconut from the so-called srundheng.

Srundheng consists of three kinds.Namely krawu, shredded and mangot.Krawu red chili, shredded yellow sweet taste.While mangot is not shredded coconut mixed but pounded kluwak, savory taste.

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