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Banten Debus Attraction

Debus is very dangerous attraction from Banten. Reputedly this attraction came from an area named alMadad. The main of Debus Attraction is Silat Martial Arts and the use of weapons. Banten Debus Attraction focus on one player immune to attacks with sharp objects.

debus is one of unique cultural in indonesia

Debus growing and developing since a hundred years ago, coinciding with islam religion development in Banten. In the beginning this arts has a function as religious propaganda. In the Dutch Colonial Period and at the time of Sultan Agung Tirtayasa, debus used to evoke the spirit of people againts the colonialism.

The Art of Debus is an integral part of the culture of Banten. It is a broad topic, and we are making a tremendous effort to offer a detailed translation from various sources in order to give the reader an appreciation of this unique practice.

Text from the book: « Seni Budaya Banten » relating to all the cultural/artistic practices specific to the region of Banten

The meaning and significance of the word Debus
Up until now, no one has been able to determine with certainty how the term Debus came into being. The word itself does not appear in any written text. Tb.A.Sastrasuganda, who retired from the Kebudayaan Kandepdikbud kabupaten of Serang, formulated the assumption that the word Debus came from the original word Tembus (Sandjin Aminuddin, 1997:153) which means « pierce, puncture, penetrate ». This assumption is quite logical because the main prop used in Debus is an instrument which can pierce the body.

Another meaning attributed to the word Debus would be Gedebus which defines a type of object used in demonstrations of invulnerability. The object in question is used by the performer himself to attempt to inflict injury. In this context, the word Debus may also mean « not perforated, or pierced ».

Debus is an art (like Pencak Silat) related to the science of invulnerability and reflects the attitude of resistance typical in Banten culture. It is a form of invulnerability to sharp objects; a supernatural force that provides resistance to sharp objects, beatings and burns. Some believe that Debus is a form of trickery in which the performer manages to deceive the audience with illusions of invulnerability.

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