Angklung is a traditional musical instrument from West Java and is made of bamboo. Type of bamboo used is awi wulung (black bamboo) and awi temen (white bamboo). This instrument is sounded by shaken (the sound caused by the impact of bamboo pipe body) to produce a vibrating sound. Angklung musical tone as a Sundanese traditional music is mostly Salendro and pelog.


Type - type of angklung, among others:

1. Angklung Baduy
Angklung Baduy area used because of its relationship with rice rites. Angklung is used or is sounded when they grow rice in huma (fields). They have rules that can only be beaten until the ngubaran pare (treating rice), about three months from the time planted rice. After that, during the next six months all the arts should not be played, and can be played again on the next rice planting season. Closes angklung implemented with event called musungkeun angklung, namely nitipkeun (left, save) angklung after use.

2. Angklung Dogdog Lojor
There are at Pancer Kasepuhan Pangawinan or customs union Banten Kidul is scattered around the Mount Halimun (adjacent to Jakarta, Bogor and Lebak). Angklung also used for rituals related to rice. Once a year, after harvesting the whole community held a sereh taun or Seren taun in traditional village center. Traditional village center as a place of residence kokolot (elder) where always on the move as directed supernatural.

3. Angklung Gubrag
There in the village Cipining, Cigudeg district, Bogor. Angklung has old and used to honor the goddess of rice in pare perform activities (planting rice), ngunjal pare (transporting rice), and ngadiukeun (put) into leuit (barn). According to legend, began angklung gubrag there was a time when the village Cipining had a bad season.

4. Angklung Badeng
There Sanding village, district Malangbong, Garut. Used to serve as entertainment for the sake of Islam to them. But Badeng allegedly been used since the time of the period before Islam for events related to the rice-planting rituals. As an art to preaching believed Badeng developed since Islam spread in the area around the 16th century or 17th. At that time the population of Sanding, Arpaen and Nursaen, studying the religion of Islam to the kingdom of Demak. After returning from Demak they preach the religion of Islam spread. One of the means it uses the spread of Islam is to Badeng art.

5. Buncis
It is a performance art that is entertainment, of which there are at Baros (Arjasari, Bandung). At first the beans used in agricultural events associated with the rice. But at the present time beans are used as entertainment art.

The origin of the creation of music as Angklung bamboo based view of Sundanese people who live with the source of the agrarian life of the rice (pare) as the food is. This gave rise to the myth of trust in Nyai Sri Pohaci as a symbol of life-giving Goddess of Rice.

In addition, in the Sunda kingdom, angklung used as enhancer spirit in battle. Angklung function as a pump kept the spirit of the people still felt until the period of colonization, that's why the Dutch Government had banned the use angklung, a ban that could make angklung popularity declined and only played by children at that time.

But in its development, angklung thrive and spread throughout the island of Java, Kalimantan and Sumatra. In 1908 recorded a cultural mission from Indonesia to Thailand, among others, marked the transfer of angklung, and bamboo music of this game could also spread in that State.


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